Government relations public affairs


Governments at all levels affect how your organization operates.

Martin Charlton Communications works with you to get your cause noticed. The best approach is to tell your story directly to the decision makers.

Access our top tips, based on 25 years experience, for what works in Saskatchewan to build a relationship with government.

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Who is telling your story?

If you aren’t, others will do it for you. How you are portrayed might not be to your liking.

Be prepared to tell your story on your own terms.

Access our recommendations for creating a crisis communications plan -- based on what our experience has taught us works.

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 Media relations and media training


We know the media from the inside out.

Get the media’s attention or learn to present your story effectively to reporters. Martin Charlton Communications can prepare you so you make an impact.


Corporate event planning and project management


Enjoy the rewards of hosting special guests and completing major projects.

Avoid the exhaustion and stress of handling it on your own.

Let Martin Charlton Communications embrace your vision and execute it.


Content creation and storytelling


Everyone has stories. The expectation today is that you will share yours.

Telling your stories and ensuring they reach and connect with your targeted audience requires time and skill.

The Martin Charlton Communications team is ready to deliver.


Digital and social media


Social media and websites are powerful communication tools available to you and your organization.

Connect and communicate with those you need to reach where they choose to spend time.