Paul Martin Mary-Lynn Charlton Marsha Martin Kelly Gallagher
Paul Martin Mary-Lynn Charlton Marsha Martin Kelly Gallagher
Dan Gold Jocelyn Martin Brown Craig Slater  
Dan Gold Jocelyn Martin Brown Craig Slater  

Martin Charlton Communications has two office locations in Canada:

Regina, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 


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  Paul MartinPaul Martin


You’ve heard him on the radio, seen him on TV and read him in newspapers and magazines. Paul is a popular keynote speaker on topics ranging from the economy to tapping community potential. His unique blend of communication and business knowledge has made him a highly sought-after consultant. As the Chair of Martin Charlton Communications, Paul is MCC’s ‘go to’ guy for all things business in Saskatchewan. He is the chair of four Saskatchewan branches of TEC (The Executive Committee) – a global organization dedicated to improving the performance and enhancing the lives of CEOs – which has more than 50 CEOs and senior executives among its Saskatchewan members. The long and short: Paul knows the province’s corporate community and business economy like few others. He is a potent conduit for anyone looking to do business in Saskatchewan, Canada’s fastest growing economy. His strategic advice is unrivalled.


    Mary-Lynn CharltonMary-Lynn Charlton

President & CEO

Mary-Lynn, has lent not only her name to the firm but also her character: tough and smart, resourceful and compassionate. Her background in journalism gives her a firm belief in the importance of storytelling. Her goal is ensuring our clients’ stories are told in a convincing and compelling way to all audiences that need to hear it. Mary-Lynn’s career has included a stint as an Alberta weekly newspaper reporter, an internship in a Manhattan agency and working as a trusted advisor to a provincial cabinet minister before starting her own communications company. She also has deep roots in government relations. She has served in a number of senior roles with the provincial government and has been on the boards of federal and provincial agencies. She has been a pioneer in public relations and communications since founding Charlton Communications in 1988. On March 1, 2010, Charlton Communications merged with Paul Martin Communications – two companies that have served Saskatchewan for over 50 years.


   Marsha MartinMarsha Martin


There are event planners and then there are event artists. Marsha Martin is the latter. If you are faced with an event that is not just difficult but near-impossible – if you are looking for something that is not just great but spectacular – you can rely on Marsha to make it happen. Through her 25 years of event-planning experience, she has handled it all: Galas, conventions, town hall meetings, book tours, corporate events, trade shows and every other type of event imaginable. She brings to every event an uncanny eye for detail and attention to contingency planning. She consistently delivers projects on time, on budget and above expectations. Her greatest strength is her engaging attitude that allows her to bring harmony and focus to the most stressful and hectic situations.


  Kelly GallagherKelly Gallagher


Kelly Gallagher’s public and government relations skills can be summed up in three words: Kelly knows everybody. As the old saying goes, government relations is about who you know. After six years in professional political service on both the federal and provincial level – including serving as Chief of Staff for four provincial cabinet ministers – Kelly has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in the Saskatchewan government relations industry. If you’re looking for advice regarding your pitch to the Saskatchewan government or if you need insights into what makes theSaskatchewan government tick, Kelly can provide it. But Kelly’s abilities are not limited to government relations. He is also a skilled strategic communications analyst thanks to his years of experience in senior communications roles for the federal government and the provincial governments of Saskatchewan and British Columbia.


  Dan GoldDan Gold

Director of Digital Strategy

Dan comes from London, England where he produced globally syndicated radio and television content, and award-winning digital news platforms. He has worked from London’s Google Campus and is a Google partner. Dan, with his extensive experience producing digital and social content, delivers strategies to clients for storytelling in our digital age. Dan heads the Martin Charlton Saskatoon office.


  Jocelyn BrownJocelyn Martin Brown

Director of Projects

Jocelyn brings both solid credentials and creative flair to assignments ranging from strategic planning to event management.

As a PRINCE2 certified project manager, Jocelyn brings bench strength to all MCC’s projects. Fluent in French and a graduate of International Studies, Jocelyn helps bring a global perspective to Martin Charlton’s operations.

She has travelled to over 30 countries and loves to infuse that experience into all her work. Her flair for the fun and elegance will bring a unique perspective to any of your projects.


  Craig SlaterCraig Slater


Craig has been telling stories for more than 16 years, and he has written tales that cover a variety of topics. From success stories of our amateur athletes and local businesses to intriguing dinosaur finds and issues affecting students and parents, Craig is plugged in to the community. His background is heavily concentrated in print media, but also includes published work in magazines as well as websites and social media channels.


Sharon Baldwin

With a Master’s degree and 30 years experience in editing/proofreading, Sharon can spot a dangling participle or misplaced apostrophe better than anyone we know. Sharon is our proofreading guru.


Jamie Burgess

Our whip-cracking accountant keeps track of the money – and that’s important. Every client can count on sound administration and accounting.


Marilyn Charlton

“Marilyn with an i” is a Martin Charlton associate who helps us with project management. She is General Manager of the Saskatchewan Hereford Association (SHA), produces the SHA newsletter and is the Past President of Canadian Western Agribition.


Lyle Hewitt

With over 20 years experience in a wide variety of public and private sector communications roles, Lyle has a special talent for translating the most complex ideas into plain language. He also has a knack for finding the right words to handle tough situations.


Jo Anne Lauder

With a degree from Toronto’s Seneca College graphic design program and 25 years of experience, our senior designer can usually solve a client’s problem before they finish explaining it. Now that’s good.


Ashleigh Mattern

Our resident wordsmith has been finessing phrases as a journalist and editor since 2007. Over the years, she has expanded her skills to include copywriting, social media marketing, and website management. She lends her abilities to Martin Charlton Communications as needs arise.


Judy Seib

Her friendly charm and hard-working efficiency are unbeatable. She answers the phones, handles our bookkeeping, manages office traffic and generally keeps us on track.