Newsroom Stories

by Martin Charlton Communications

Verbal communication never goes out of style

Eye contact, body language and posture are just a few characteristics employers notice during job interviews.
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Yes, there's a fine for walking and talking

If you have opposable thumbs, then there’s a good chance they know their way around a cellphone.
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Powerful messaging in latest SGI campaign

We’ve all been told that everything can change in a New York minute.
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Wendy's wins social media

It's increasingly common for a brand to stand their ground and "clapback" with a sharp or funny comment. Key to the response is, above all else, a sarcastic tone.
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It's time to turn the page

The Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team begins a new season tonight and it’s exactly what that franchise and its fans, its billet families and that city needs.
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Milestone anniversary for PCL employee

Working with PCL Construction is more than just a job for Bob Olbrich. He has dedicated his life to his work.
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Pizza feud can't be boxed up

Regardless how you slice it, there’s a pizza feud going on south of the border.
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You said what on Twitter?

For some, history has a way of repeating itself. For others, history has an inopportune time of resurfacing.
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Who is your trusted news source?

Word on the street has the Saskatchewan Roughriders signing a high-profile quarterback. Who is it?
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Groundhog's Day at the Legislature

Sometimes when working in government relations you cannot help but to think that you are living the same life as weatherman Phil Conners, played expertly by actor Bill Murray in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day.
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