Newsroom Stories

by Martin Charlton Communications

Pizza feud can't be boxed up

Regardless how you slice it, there’s a pizza feud going on south of the border.
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You said what on Twitter?

For some, history has a way of repeating itself. For others, history has an inopportune time of resurfacing.
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Who is your trusted news source?

Word on the street has the Saskatchewan Roughriders signing a high-profile quarterback. Who is it?
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Groundhog's Day at the Legislature

Sometimes when working in government relations you cannot help but to think that you are living the same life as weatherman Phil Conners, played expertly by actor Bill Murray in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day.
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Being transparent is good public relations

Is it ever a good idea to not be transparent in your communications when you serve the public? Don’t spend too much time pondering this question – the answer is no.
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Is your social media presence valuable?

A successful pub chain in the UK sent out instructions to its venues across the country instructing them to delete all their social media channels. From the top down, the boss of J.D. Wetherspoon has firmly put two fingers up to social.
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Why you should personalize your company

Why is People Magazine consistently one of the most well-read magazines on the planet?
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Humboldt stories need to be shared

Six people will be given the gift of life thanks to Logan Boulet.
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recycling program beneficial partnership

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of harmful plastics were kept out of Saskatchewan landfills the thanks to a brief yet effective partnership between Panther Industries and Simply Ag Solutions.
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EY Award proud moment for IntraGrain

Kyle Folk was just thankful to be a nominee at this year’s awards banquet in Calgary.
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