What is Newsroom?

Everyone has stories. The expectation today is that you will share yours.

Working with Newsroom, you are assigned an experienced reporter working a contracted number of hours to:
  • learn about your organization
  • produce story ideas
  • deliver a volume of stories you can have published or broadcast
The reporter is overseen by an editor, who meets with you at scheduled times to evaluate and strategize. 
What sets Newsroom apart from those creating content is our journalists' ability to research, identify, gather and produce in-depth feature stories as well as succinct posts for blogs or social media accounts to promote them. 
Our journalists can tell stories in words, images, and sound. Whatever format you need the story told in, we can accomodate it.


Discovered | Produced | Shared

Tell me stories

Where do Newsroom stories appear?

The stories are yours to use. They can be published online or in your physical publication.

  • Keep your blog up to date.
  • Fill your newsletter.
  • Enhance your magazine.
  • Refresh your YouTube account.
  • Update your social media accounts.
  • Create a podcast. 

The stories will also appear on our Newsroom blog

We can also work with you to find more opportunities. 

Why work with Newsroom?


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