The early connection

Paul Martin and Mary-Lynn Charlton had a connection from the beginning.

Both were born and raised in Weyburn. It’s the southeast Saskatchewan community known as The Opportunity City.

Each found opportunity in Saskatchewan to use their communications skills, connections and insights to build successful careers that included owning their own businesses.

Paul, a renowned business journalist, broadcaster and public speaker, combined his talents with those of his wife Marsha, who specializes in event planning and public relations, to form Paul Martin Communications.

Mary-Lynn, meanwhile, parlayed her connections in agri-business, industry, and government to found Charlton Communications, a company focused on publishing, writing and public and government relations.

The merger

The two companies often collaborated. That connection demonstrated to both the opportunity that could be seized if they combined their expertise and experience.

Martin Charlton Communications was formed in a merger that took place on March 1, 2010.

More than 50 years of insightful and strategic thinking in the communication business was brought together by that merger. A team of talented and skilled communicators in government relations, communications, media, content creation and events was formed.

The growth of Martin Charlton Communications

The team quickly built a diverse global business portfolio that includes some of the largest companies in the world.

Our work has supported the success of our clients again and again by telling their stories to connect to people and inspire action.

We tell your stories. Your story supports your success. We tell it through: