Martin Charlton Communications has more than 25 years experience in government relations. 

Whether you’re a big business or small, governments at all levels affect how you operate. 

Navigating the maze of politicians, staff and civil servants is a daunting challenge, especially when you are also handling your responsibilities for that infrastructure project or that contract.

Martin Charlton Communications works with you to get your cause noticed.

  • The best approach is to tell your story directly to the decision makers. We promote positive interactions, advising our clients on how to build long-term working relationships with those in government.

  • Our work with you prepares you to express yourself more effectively. We develop advocacy programs and awareness campaigns. We train you in effective communication techniques. Our decades of experience have taught us what is needed by those you are trying to reach, and we know how to clarify that you can meet their needs. 

Telling your story to those in government is at the centre of government relations by Martin Charlton Communications.

Politicians are here to serve their constituents. They are responsible for legislative and regulatory changes that uphold the interests of voters. Martin Charlton Communications has advised national and multinational businesses and organizations so that shared interests are advanced for the benefit of all. 

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