We live and work in an online world.

Social media and websites are powerful communication tools available to you and your organization.

Connect and communicate with those you need to reach where they choose to spend time.

Find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms.

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With a few simple clicks, you have the potential to instantly connect with millions in all corners of the globe. 

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The reach of social media is virtually limitless, but can also be highly targeted to those you know you need to reach.

Here's how we can help.

Martin Charlton Communications can walk you through social media 101 to help you understand the potential of an effective online presence.

We can help you navigate the technicalities involved in reaching your target audience and maximize these platforms’ capabilities while meeting their requirements.

Understand the impact you are having with your website and social media efforts through our understanding of analytics.

  • number of visitors to your website
  • how long they stay on a page
  • what they look at when visiting

This as well as other data will be measured and analyzed. We’ll provide you with a thorough evaluation and offer tips on how to improve.

Need content to post to social media or your websites?

We can provide that too. Writing, videos, and images can be produced to help you tell your story to online audiences.


Better connect using social media

Dan Gold

Dan Gold -- Martin Charlton Communications' Director of Digital Strategy -- explains social media and social networking in this two-minute video. 

Knowing the difference will improve your ability to connect with those you need to reach.

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