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World's richest uranium found in Saskatchewan

We’ve always known the Athabasca Basin is pretty special – it has produced a handful of uranium mines that stood out as world class. But now it has been recognized by an industry publication as the globe’s richest.
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Canadians getting the message about personal debt

The average Canadian may be starting to heed the advice we’ve been hearing for months now - start trimming the amount of debt you’re carrying.
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What Saskatchewan's population trend is telling us

Saskatchewan’s population continues to grow, but the pace of expansion is slowing noticeably.
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Breaking down Canada's minimum wage earners

A lot of attention has been devoted to minimum wage rates in Canada as some provinces have begun to push rates up quickly to as much as $15 an hour.
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Workplace safety message top of mind

This is Charter Signing Day.
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Saskatchewan a week early on Tax Freedom Day

It was Tax Freedom Day in Canada over the weekend. But here in Saskatchewan, it was actually about a week earlier.
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Making sense of labour force stats

After months of inconsistency in the Labour Force survey results, StatsCan has revamped the way it reports employment numbers.
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Gig Generation changing workforce trends

They’ve coined the phrase the Gig Generation.
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Good news for Saskatchewan construction sector

There are hints of a bit of a turnaround in Saskatchewan’s construction sector.
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Yard, home renovations top to-do list in Saskatchewan

With the warm weather upon us, we’re working in our yards and making improvements around the place. But not all Canadians are doing that, apparently.
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Losses adding up for Canada's television industry

Canada’s television industry has been cutting costs but not fast enough.
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New housing construction sees decline

Matching supply and demand can be a challenge for people in business. Too much of a gap in either direction can cause shortages and price jumps or excesses which undermine pricing.
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Apprentice programs see declining enrolment

The curve tracking the number of people signing up for apprenticeship programs appears to have peaked.
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More challenges face today's job seekers

Getting a job – a good job – is not as easy as it used to be. Or it might be better.
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Farm operation getting more expensive

The cost of running a farm in Saskatchewan is chipping away at profit levels.
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Saskatchewan facing potential economic challenges

There seems to be a bit of a mood change going on in Saskatchewan.
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Making cents in the business world

Sometimes the world of business and finance can be complicated or just plain hard to understand for real people. Accounting and tax rules are getting more complex, making it even more difficult for the average person to understand.
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Death and access

Death and access: It’s the $380,000 question.
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A new one per cent

Everyone in business dreams of coming up with that next big idea. After all, that’s why they went into business in the first place, to take a better mousetrap to market.
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Consumer spending in Saskatchewan stalled

Spending by consumers in Saskatchewan slowed in March.
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